Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weightloss transformation - part 1

Let's go back. Back to 2010, 1 year after I had my first son. (Pic on the left). I was 250lbs. I gained 75 while I was pregnant and only lost 25 after pregnancy. My son was ebf and I still wasn't losing any weight. Life was tough as a first time mom. I struggled with my weight, my marriage, everything.
Finally after 2 years, in 2012 (pic on the right), I pushed through the struggle. Honestly, I couldn't tell you what "clicked" because I was always starting a weightloss program over those 2 years, trying to eat right, exercising some. It was in 2012, I got to the point where I was sick of how I looked and I did something about it. It wasn't easy. It was trial and error. But I got into a pattern and routine and changes starting happening. That same year, my husband finally left me for another person (we were rocky for 2 years) and we separated for good. I didn't let that stop me from keeping at it.
On the right I was 210lbs and felt great. I still had a long way to go but I felt that I needed to post this because I can do things when I set my mind to it, and I don't give up on myself. I am still on a mission and I will get to my goal!
Now my story doesn't end in 2012... It's not 2015 and I'm sure you want to know where I am. Well stay tuned, part 2 is coming soon!!! 

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