June 2015:
Wow lets fast forward 4 years! In 2012, I was working on myself quite a bit, making changes, exercising. I was going through a divorce and ending up meeting someone new. My life for the last few years has been chaos. I don't want it to be chaos but it is. SO now I'm 29 (30 in July), have 2 children, 6 & 7 months old. I'm overweight even more and working on going into my 30's positively, with lots of changes to come! 

Pics and stats to coming soon. 


2011/2012: I am a 26 year old, unhealthy, overweight, mother and wife. I started this blog to track my journey through weight loss. I am probably the laziest person you will ever meet. 
I spend my days sitting in front of the computer, surfing facebook, using pinterest, watching hulu and blogging. This is something I need to change and I have struggled with finding energy, committing to things I start, and succeeding.

Some days I eat too much, other days I don't eat enough. Eating late and night, with minimal exercise is the reason that I am 75+lbs heavier than I was in high school.
In 7 years I've gained an average of 15lbs per year!! Yuck!

This journey won't be easy. I want to have more kids, but not be this heavy!

Here are some things you can expect to see on this blog.
*Food/Exercise Log
*Healthy Meals & Recipes
*Weekly weigh-in's & monthly photos of progress
*Blogs, articles, tips & tricks, anything health related


Here is what I looked like in high school
Weight: 150-160
Pants size: 12-14
Shirt Size: XL
Bra Size: 38C
Sports: Swimming, basketball, volleyball, softball and track

Here is what I look like now.

Front                                            Back                                            Side

Weight: 224lbs
Pants size: 20-22
(because all my weight goes to my midsection, and then the legs are baggy. I hate it!)
Shirt size: 2x-3x
Bra Size: 42G
Sports: Softball (spring & summer), and occasional swimming

                                     Before:                  After:

Right Upper Arm


Waist @ Belly Button

Hips (including belly)

Right Thigh

% Body Fat38.44