Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekly Goals {May 30-June 5th}

Last weeks Goals

  • No Fast Food
  • No eating after 7pm
  • No TV after dinner
  • In bed by 10pm
  • Start Math homework Monday

I would love to say that I was able to achieve all of these goals, however sometimes that just isn't the case. 
I did eat fast food Tuesday. Of course it was the last day of the week, but we were starving, I still needed to grocery shop, and with a starving 3 year old I just said what the heck....BUT typically this is what I would order, and it really makes me sick thinking about it.. Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Jr Bacon Cheeseburger, Large Fry, and Large Dr Pepper. The calorie/fat count I'm sure exceeds my daily caloric limit...NO WONDER I'M FAT. So instead of getting the large, I opted for a small. No jr bacon, no fry, side salad instead with fat free dressing, and of course the ice tea was out, and there was no other option for me. I did get a coke, but drank half. And also has Wesley eat apple slices instead of the fries. This child was SUPER bummed out and asked about the french fries the entire time. But he got over it and actually ate his dinner. I'm sure he will feel better too not eating the junk. I don't plan on eating out this week because I want to save my money for other things such as closet organizers, and paint, and other misc things. 

Anyways I'm ranting.....My other goals..I ate after 7pm a few times. 2 of them were 8pm dinners, and the other times it was popcorn at the movies, and dessert. Will try much harder this week to not do that. TV we watched  1 time. In bed by 10pm, I don't think I have done that at all because I spend an hour or more reading. Math homework..well I was out of town until yesterday, so I will start that today.

This weeks Goals

  • No Fast Food
  • No Eating after 7pm
  • Start Math Homework
  • Exercise 60 min, 5 days this week
  • In bed by 11pm
  • No TV after dinner, instead walk to the park, spend time outside, etc
  • Meal plan Sat/Sunday
  • Eat breakfast 8am, workout at 9am
I extended my bedtime. I think if I'm in bed at 10 but read for an hour then I get tired faster and then get a better nights sleep. I also added exercising 5 days a week to get a couple extra workouts in. Also meal planning again. 

Time to get my day moving. Its already 11am and I have not gotten my workouts in yet. I have a lot of things I need to get done. See you next week!

Weigh in {May 30}

The moment of truth

Last Week: 230lbs
This Week: 225.8lbs

Total Lost: 4.2 lbs

I am very proud of myself for this week. I didn't workout 6 days, however I did get 3 or 4 workouts in, on top of being outside a lot, not really watching television and reading instead, and eating a lot better. 

I did not keep track of calories, however I do know what I was putting in my body, and feel that I ate 75% better than I usually would. 

Also I will measure myself next week, I think bi-weekly measuring is what I want to do instead of weekly measuring. 

Hoping for another 2lbs next week. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weigh in {May 23}

I'm starting over

Since March I have gained 8lbs. SHAME ON ME.

I started back in my old habits. Eating out, drinking soda, not exercising.

Now I am 230lbs.
Will update photos/measurements soon.

Weekly Goals {May 23-29th}

One of the ways I feel that might help me stick with my workout programs, not give up is to set weekly goals. Everyday is a struggle itself telling myself not to go eat fast food because its quick and easy, and not to eat after a certain time while watching tv..It is HARD. I know how to eat healthy, I have learned a lot about food during insanity, and during all the other programs I've started and failed to finish. But I don't want to quit, because 2012 was my year to change everything from school to getting healthy, to decluttering to spending more time with son and husband outside, to wanting more children, etc.

For this week my 2 biggest struggles are
1) Eating fast food (wendys or taco bell or pizza places)
2) Eating after 7pm

I play softball and eat something before the game, but not enough so I'm starving when the game is over as is my son (who eats dinner before). I bring snacks to the game to help cravings and also never bring money to the game so I can teach myself not to grab something to eat after the game. We live right down the road from Wendy's. That is the weakness as we drive by there almost daily, and after softball games. My son is 3 but always asks for french fries which means we have eaten there way too much.

For this week I am setting 2 goals.
1) No fast food. As much as I want it after softball, or because I am too lazy to cook, I need to tell myself no, that we need the money for other things, and to plan my dinner ahead so I know what I'm cooking.
2) No eating after 7pm. I always want dessert. Okay, not always but a lot, and last night I struggled with myself while watching True Blood to just have a little bit, which turned into a little with chocolate, caramel, and strawberry sauce on top. I am putting a sign on both freezers and the fridge that the kitchen is closed after 7pm except for water.

Also if I feel I want a dessert, eat the weight watchers bars before 7pm, or have a big glass or water and wait 30 min to decide if I really need it.
I also want to get a good nights sleep, and be in bed by 10pm every night this week.
Instead of TV after dinner, I'm going to play with my son, read stories, clean, anything until bedtime, but to help give me more energy, and to avoid late night eating, I need to keep busy, no TV after dinner, that goes for Wesley also. Only exception is if we do a movie on Friday or Saturday night, that is it!

Okay so I really have more than 2 goals

  • No fast food
  • No eating after 7pm
  • No TV after dinner
  • In bed by 10pm
  • Start Math homework on monday
A lot of these goals will also help me in the next couple weeks when my classes start. I will have to learn to manage my time, while also eating healthy, exercising, spending time with my family, etc. 

See you in a week!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Watermelon Protein Smoothie

Watermelon is basically water. I love it, but I'm always on the hunt to try something new.  Today I whipped up a few ingredients. I wanted a snack before softball, but I wanted to make sure to get protein in as well, and I'm a smoothie type of gal so here is what I came up with!

3 cups watermelon, chopped (seeds removed) 138 cal
1/2 cup fat free frozen yogurt (or frozen greek yogurt) - 90 cal
1 packet true lemonade or 1/2 lemon freshly squeezed - 5 cal
1 tsp truvia sweetener or stevia (natural)
1 scoop vanilla designer whey protein powder (or equivalent) - 100 cal
1-1/2 cups ice (more or less depending how you like it)

The lemon gives it more flavor, and the truvia helps boost the sweetness a tad.

Blend and enjoy! There is very little fat, lots of protein, and under 350 calories!! Great snack or meal alternative.