Sunday, March 4, 2012

Orange Dream Shakeology Recipe

Videos 5 & 6 are coming, I just needed a break from blogging.

In the meantime, here is a new recipe I came up with. If you are in love with shakeology, (and this is my first day of the greenberry!) here is one to try.

Orange Dream Shakeology :) Yumm

1/2 cup 1% milk
1 scoop or packet of greenberry shakeology
1 cup water
1 tsp peanut butter
1 cutie clementine
1/2 packet sugar free hawaiian punch orange ocean singles to go
ice (more or less depending on how you like it)

271 calories, 37 carbs, 5g fat, 22g protein (might differ slightly based on milk & peanut butter)

If you try it let me know what you think!

*Photo is not mine*

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