Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 9 Weigh-In [Mar 19]

I haven't blogged since the 8th!! OOps. I skipped last weeks weigh in. Okay so a few things have happened since then. I weighed in on Monday the 12th, and gained .2 lbs. Not that I had a bad week, I just wasn't in the zone where I had been.

Last week I only exercised twice =( boo.. had poor nutrition a couple nights (weakest time for me), but otherwise was on track. Drank shakeology everyday but Sunday (break day).

Starting Weight: 242.0
Weight last week: 225.6
Weight this week: 222.0 (my scale is not accurate. It changes everytime you step on the scale. I need a new one)
Total: 20lbs lost

3.6lbs lost give or take a lb or 2. Lost 4" all over as well.

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