Monday, March 19, 2012

Hungry Girl/Insanity Meal Plan

 I'm behind on my meal planning. The last couple weeks I had a plan sort of, but had a lot of other things going on so now its time to get back on track. This will be my last meal plan until Easter. I will be out of town, and will probably only have a half of a meal plan when I get back!

I have most meals planned but I'm just going to give you my dinner meals since Breakfast and Lunch always seem to vary. I am still doing insanity (sort of), and I enjoyed the meals but I really enjoy hungry girl even more so the majority of my dinners are her recipes.

Which comes to another thing I'm going to try to do. I have 2 of her cookbooks, and want to eventually make every single recipe out of them. Thats over 500 recipes just for those 2 books!! But she is what is going to help me lose weight this year because her food is delish, and I don't have to sacrifice taste/bland food for weight loss. Also I'm not on a DIET, I want to be able to eat healthy forever so this is a lifestyle change for me!

The cookbook this week for dinner is 300 under 300. And also a recipe from the Biggest Loser Simple Swap book. Recipes included.

Mon: BBQ chicken quesadilla w/caesar salad
Tues: Chicken pot pockets w/acorn squash & apples, & roasted root vegetables
Wed: grill - fish, potato salad, waldorf salad (omitting chicken), veggies & holy moly guacamole
Thurs: Shrimp stirfry w/brown rice
Fri: Homemade pizza w/side salad
Sat: Grill
Sun: Leftovers or Grill

Hungry Girl Recipes
BBQ Chicken Quesadilla or page 210 in 300 book
Chicken Pot Pockets or page 176
Holy Moly Guacamole
Waldorf Salad

Biggest Loser Recipe:
Roasted Root Vegetables: Page 64 on the biggest loser simple swaps book

Other Recipe:

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