Sunday, May 23, 2010

Barrys Bootcamp Complete workout system

So as I was checking woot today and they are selling a Barrys Bootcamp complete workout system. Since I'm totally on this health kick I bought one. I love being able to do things at home when I don't have a gym to use. And I like that this comes with a ball and bands as well. 
Not sure when this will get here but if your interested in doing stuff at home, for a low price this is for you. 

Its only $9.99 plus $5 for shipping. Normally its $30! And it gets great reviews on amazon as well.

So check out if your interested! 
Its only a 1 day deal, then its gone.

I will post another blog once I get this item.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!

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  1. I saw Barry's Bootcamp infomercial and bought the DVD system with low expectations. (I've bought other at home workouts and couldn't get into them, but this Barry's kinda goofball/meets the Energizer Bunny, but within minutes of my 1st workout I was sweating like a pig, and my arms were sore the next day. I like the intense 1 minute exercises, the workout calendar that tells me what to do each day, the fact that I was able to start off gradually and add more each week. It's my 4th week and I've added another rubber band to the handles. Love that!


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