Monday, May 24, 2010

Fruit/Veggie Smoothie

So I made a smoothie for dinner because I didn't want to cook anything. Just made it up.

1 cup of OJ 110 cal
3/4 cup of water 0 cal
1 cup broccoli 20 cal
1/2 avocado 160 cal (optional)
1 cup frozen mixed fruit 70 cal
2 stevia packets 0 cal

Total Calories: 360 w/avocado, 200 without.

Makes over 2 cups. I'll have to double check in the morning because I'm making it again for breakfast. 

It really is yummy. I just wanted to get my fruit and veggies all in one and make it easy. I love smoothies. You can easily substitute spinach or any other veggie for the broccoli. I just used what needed to be eaten. 

Experiment. Thats all I did. Originally I started with 1/2 cup fruit but the broccoli was over powering and so making the amounts even balanced it. Plus the stevia helped sweeten it up. The avocado isn't even noticeable at all. Its not even necessary but I know avocados are a healthy fat. I'm sure 1/2 milk 1/2 oj would work too. Or another kind of juice. 

I'm always looking for healthy smoothie recipes. Have any to share??

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