Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday #1 [May 19]

I've finally updated all of my measurements and posted my "before photos".
They are posted in the "The challenger - Jenilee" page. 

Today is Wednesday.
This is the first week of weigh-in Wednesday! Yay!!
Lets weigh-in!!

Last week I was 247lbs
This week I am 243.8lbs
Total weight loss = 3.2lbs

The first week I didn't have a gym at all. I did mostly the wii fit, bike riding, and watched my calories! Counting calories makes a big difference.
I write everything down in a journal. And at night I go to MyFitnessPal and record all of my food and exercise for the day. It takes time. But what helps make it easier is to write down the calories, fat, fiber and protein on each thing you eat in your journal and then you can match it up to the correct ingredient. Give yourself a half hour at night each day to do it. I really recommend it until you've memorized a lot of the foods or have a pretty good estimate of calories.

I made a button. Grab it and post it on your blog sidebar or blogpost!


  • Make a blog post and post your weight from last week and then your weight from this week. Since I weigh in Mondays mornings, my weight will be from last Monday (May 10th) until this Monday (May 17th). You can weigh in any day you want just post the link to your blog or blogpost on the linky below. 
  • And please take my button and post in in your blog post or somewhere on your blog so others can find it!
  • And if your not already following me please do so =) I will follow you back and visit each and every blog posted on the linky!
  • Follow and go to as many blogs as you want, leave a comment. We are all supporting each other!
The linky will be open all week until next Tuesday!! Don't forget you have to link up each week. The linky doesn't carry over blogs from week to week! 

I will have the linky up every Tuesday night around 11p MST.
Except for today because I forgot it was Wednesday.

Happy Hump Day =)

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